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Ca Daily 3 ,midday = within 4 days

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April 5, 2010
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Posted: January 16, 2011, 4:12 pm - IP Logged

To all Daily 3 players , there are only 30 main pairs in any states pick 3 game.One of these pairs will hit each day.I have broken these pair's into two group's = High frequency and low frequency .

High frequency group = 06,24,08,26,28,46,48,44,66       Low frequency group = 02,04,68,00,22,88

                                      15,17,35,19,37,39,57,33,55                                             13,59,79,11,77,99


The high frequency group has an approximate hit rate of 60 % and the low frequency group has an approximate hit rate of 40 % ,each group does have hot/cold periods.With this in mind its not so much as to getting the right pair but its extremely important to get that 3 rd number,this will greatly reduce the field of number's played.Look at the California Daily 3 ,midday draw and you will see that the high frequency group of all even pair's have not hit in 12 draw's.I studied past history draw's for the Ca Daily 3 looking at the skip rate for the high freq. group / 2 even pair's ( 06,24,08,26,28,46,48  only ,no double's) and found the hit rate is normally between 1 -- 7 .Only a few times was there  a long skip rate,the longest was 20 . So as you can see these two even pair's from the high freq group are way over due.Then i went back and marked down each time one of these pair's showed and noted the 3rd number ,for example the last time a two even pair from the high freq. group showed was on january 3rd and the number was 256, 26 being the two even pair and the number 5 being the 3 rd number.With this in mind the 3 rd number of 2 is way over due for the 2 even high frequency group , so on midday draw of the Ca Daily 3 look for numbers = 026,224,028,226,228,246,248. , Im thinking 246 maybe. Ok Calif daily 3 player's hope this bit of info helps.