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What Determines Or Makes A Winning System

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January 29, 2005
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Posted: January 20, 2011, 4:18 pm - IP Logged
So here is an open ended question for everyone.  What in your mind
determines or makes a system or method of picking winning #s a winner?
Does it have to win every time you play, or is there a certain percent
of wins that makes it a winner.  If you played the Pick 3 & 4 every day
in your state what type of results would you consider a win?  Once a
week, 2 to 3 times week once every other week or is it as simple as
if you have made more money playing then you have lost then you are
a head & a winner?
Wouldn't a true winning system work in every state & not just one.  Just
my opinion but if I posted that I was using a certain method that I was
winning with multiple time a week in my state, but the exact same method
didn't work in your state then is that really a true winning system? 
Obviously it would be for me, but I'm guessing the rest of you could care
less, especially if it only worked in my state but no where else.
In my mind a good system would be one that you could tell someone how
to do it in their state & they could go back & check any back dates results
& it would show at least lets say a minimum 50% success rate at picking
So where is that super winning system?  Waiting to be developed by some
super genuis mind from MIT using their super computers to come up with that
A ha method that works for everyone.
But then that brings up the point if there was such a method that allowed you to
pick winners with a 50% or higher accuracy then the state lottery board
would most assuredly just change the game so it no longer worked.
Look forward to everyone's opinion on this open ended question, just meant
to make you think what do you consider a winning system & if you are using
some method that picks even one winner a week then Please share it with
the rest of us on the site!!!
Happy Number Picking Everyone!!!