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Criteria use for Cash 3

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Posted: February 15, 2011, 12:15 pm - IP Logged

hello all

Trying to fine tune my system and need input on the best critieria that works for you in reducing the numbers to play.   Currently Im doing well with LDR (shortsums) that hit in a 7 day period, concentrating on bb ldrs, and least hit in a 7-10 day period.   As you all know what usually mess up any system are 2draw returns, no prior draw numbers, back to back draws and dbles.  Since I don't chase triples, I don't worry about, I do ok without since that fall soooo seldom., but I would like some input on what critieria you used to help pin a cash 3 win.    To clarify what I use is the following:

ldrs b/b

ldrs in 7 day per. (least hit and most hit)

Number with skip one usuall fall ona n avg. every draw

1 cold digit.

That's just a summary of what i most use., variables change from day to day, and there is allways something that puts a kink in a pattern.  But if I can continue to win on a avg. 3/4 times a week, (and i play both midday and evening)  I can build my fund to bigger (cash 4) lol.    I do play a lot of numbers and I play to where my minimum in is $80 and max $250+ .  I 've been lucky to hit on the max side, but I want to reduce the numbers I play.  Any advice is appreciated. 

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