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Hot Lotto and Wild Card Quick PIcks

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February 22, 2011
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Posted: February 23, 2011, 12:31 am - IP Logged

Does anyone use the quick picks for future number picking?


I usually play the Hot Lotto and the Wild Card and have noticed these:

I notice on some of my quick picks that when the 14 and 16 come on the same line that at least one of the

numbers on that same line come up winning numbers.  Usually the number right before the 14 comes in a winning number and the number directly behind the 16 comes in a a winning number.


An example:  Hot Lotto Quick Pick for 2/18/2011: Row A.  08 14 16 19 24.  The 19 came in as a winning number.


When the number 23 is on the hot lotto quick pick at least one other number usually the center number in that row comes in a winning number in the wild card.

example:  Hot lotto quick pick for 2/16/2011 row b:  23 26 28 30 35 the 28 came in as a winning number on the wild card.