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Hi new here

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February 18, 2011
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Posted: March 5, 2011, 12:16 pm - IP Logged

Just wanted to post after reading the forum for few weeks now. Ive been seeing what people have been saying about some scratch offs and imput of others. Pretty much its the same thing that I figured and thats its really just to be the one to get the right ticket that day/time/store. I started a month or so ago just buying few tickets again. I got my money back. I then got some 5 dollar crosswords and i won 500.00 on one and more on few others. I got exited. I then been playing pretty much daily since then and theres been ups and theres been downs obviously. And many times the lower 1 dollars are paying one moment and higher ones losing. And then it will switch where bigger ones are winning and smaller ones are losing. Its all random for me. Pretty much what I want Ill just go get and hope for the best. Ive tried the end and beginning of the rolls and really havnt done much for me either. So really just need to keep tring and hope for more wins. Also I ve got a question(I don't see many Illinois people) but the site for scratch offs show new tickets that are out checkered change (1 dollar) and king something(5 dollar) black jack game. I see people have won some on that checker change.. yet every store I go to doesn't have it. Yet it shows it on Illinois list and it shows people have won some off of it. So my question is why isn't it out in my stores? I go to over 6 stores that sells tickets all don't or havnt seen them.