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Gap Strategy - Update

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Posted: March 20, 2011, 10:10 pm - IP Logged



Gap Strategy is a pen and paper workout.

While it used mainly for Pick 3, it can be used for any
lottery game.

Recently, folks using the workout have encountered a frustrating
'missed by one' situation.

All users, mostly family members, had some success initially.
But, it seems the more data we acquire, the fewer the wins.

Being the architect of Gap Strategy, I implemented some minor changes
and added a new data stream. Same results.

I've been trying to determine if the problem is due to one or more
flaws in the workout, or simply, poor guesswork.

I can understand why I might be making poor choices,
it didn't follow that others would not be picking winners some of the time.

After much study, I more or less determined that there is a major
flaw in the workout.

I was trying to develop a strategy that would work for any lottery game.
I now realize that the numbers games, Pick 3 and Pick 4, need to be treated

Basically, I decided in the beginning to break the Fixed Position Identifier stream
into two parts - F1F2F3F4F5 and L1L2L3L4L5 - to conform with the Lottery number

Although there was no data supporting the choice, it seemed logical.

However, I now believe that the fixed position identifier and the
Fixed Alpha Identifier for Pick 3 and Pick 4 should be of the same basic form.

Therefore, the Fixed PID stream should be R F1F2F3 M1M2M3 L1L2L3.
The form for the Fixed AID stream is unchanged - 1A2A3A 4B5B6B 7C8C9C 0R.

Folks using Gap Strategy know that the general data stream sequence for the
worksheet is that the Lottery number is used to generate the Gap number. The
Gap number is used to generate the Hot PID, which, in turn, is used to generate
the two-part Hot AID.

Example of a worksheet:

Line 1: PID (with repeats):      R L3 M2 M1 L2 L1 M1 M3 F1 M2
Line 2: Gap numbers:              4   6   9    5   0  8    2   1   7  3
Line 3: Hot HAID (letters):       C   B  C    C   B  C    A   C  C   B
Line 4: Hot HAID (numbers):    9  4   7    9   6  8    3    7  7  6
Line 5: Hot PID (no repeats):  R F3 F2 L3 L2 L1 M1 M3 F1 M2

The Gap numbers are from the Distribution and Count Chart.

I realize this is a bunch of garble to folks who aren't familiar
with Gap Strategy.

I'm sorry about that, but, this is not the time or place to
describe the entire workout.

Folks using the strategy know what the data represents and how it is used
to generate lottery numbers.

The changes I implemented during my research into the missed by one problem seem
to aid the selection process. I'll explain them at a later date, depending
on whether or not the revised PID format makes a consistant difference.

I've revised the lottery number selection worksheet, as well.

I've implemented the changes for my personal Pick 3 plays.

I had a Straight and a Box win on same ticket for $330 on my
third attempt.

Stay tuned.