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Gap Strategy - Alpha and Numeric Groups, Part 2

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Gap Strategy - Alpha groups to lottery numbers

As was stated in previous posts, Gap Strategy for Pick 3 has a feature whereby
the 1000 3-digit combinations can be reduced to 64 Alpha groups and 20 Number Identifier groups.

The Alpha groups are formed via a technique called 'Alphanumeric substitution' using the two-part
Gap Strategy Alpha Identifier data stream, which is created when winning lottery combinations
are processed via Gap Strategy 'standard operating procedures.'

It's important for folks to know that creation of the 64 Alpha groups is a techique, method,
or strategy available ONLY to folks having access to the Alpha ID stream.

To put it more bluntly, if you don't have an up-to-date Gap Strategy workout, none of this
is going to make any sense.

To clarify some of the terminology.

Alpha Identifier (AID) refers to a continuous data stream having two components - Letters and Numbers.
The fixed AID stream is 1A2A3A 4B5B6B 7C8C9C 0R.

An actual, or real-time, AID stream contains a mix of individual AID symbols (i.e., 1A, 7C, 9C, etc)
that are generated by a Position Identifier data stream.

All of this has already been explained.

An Alpha Group contains three of four letters, A, B, C and R.
A Number Identifier contains 4 numerals, 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Therefore, if you are a Gap Strategy workout user, then you already know how this all works.
If you don't, well, what can I say.

Here is the current AID stream for the last 6 Texas Pick 3 drawings (March 23 Day to March 25 Night).

A B A  R A R  C R A  A R C  C A R  B A B
2 6 1  O 3 2  9 0 2  3 0 7  7 1 0  6 1 4

Removing the numeric component, yields:

A B A  R A R  C R A  A R C  C A R  B A B

These are Alpha Groups generated by the workout. They are 'substitutes' for the 3-digit lottery number
sets, or combinations.

In practice, an inventory of the groups will show that some come up more often than others.

The total number of Alpha Groups is increased by a step-by-step process, as follows.

RCC - CCA - CAR - ARB  - RBA - BAB - AB?

The formula is 'last 2 letters plus the next letter.'
For example, ABA becomes BA. The plus 1 is the next letter, which is a B, etc

By using a step-by-step method, the six original AGs are converted to 16 full AGs and one partial, which will
be completed after the next drawing.

The step-by-step technique greatly expands the AG inventory, futher high lighting AG groups that are
more popular than others.

A reminder, Gap Strategy is NOT a number generating system per se.
A user evaluates the inventory and chooses which AG has the best chance of generating winning

As previously stated, the 64 Alpha Groups can be reduced to 20 Numeric Groups composed of 4 numerals,
0, 1, 2, and 3.

For example, the Number Identifier for AGs ABA,AAB,BAA is 2100 (2 As and 1 B in any sequence).
The NI for BAR,BRA,ARB,ABR,RAB,RBA is 1101.
The NI for ARA,AAR,RAA is 2001.
The NI for ARC,ACR,CAR,CRA,RAC,RCA is 1011

Initiating and maintaining a "Hot Sheet" for both the AGs and NIs is a helpful tool.
This keeps the user aware of which specific groups are showing up frequently or are 'due' because
they have been 'out' for an extended period of time.

Using the 'NI Hot Sheet' is the better choice, in my opinion.

As stated previously, in Texas Pick 3, NI 1110 comes up almost twice as often as any other group.

Generating lottery numbers is a bit complicated.

A lot of information generated by the workout has to be brought forward and recorded on a
'Play Worksheet' according to a prescribed format.

A completed play worksheet was presented in an earlier post.

A step-by-step explanation of a play worksheet follows in Part 2 of this post.
Users and interested players need to make a copy of the play worksheet, which can be
found in the Lottery Post Thread 229325, see Link above.

Now is a good time for questions.

I've presented a lot of information and introduced some
new terminology. I think I've explained the features adequately, but, maybe not.