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MY new REPEATing Field TEST on INDIANA last November!!

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Posted: March 28, 2011, 3:40 pm - IP Logged

ok..I just wanted to show everyone this is about what you will get when I run your new one for you state..now ,I wanted to make a TEST RUN from the past to show all of you what this thing will do..I used a 3 digit field 0-1-2..I started my run in November 2010


018 058 089 009 029 049 069

101 105 109 125 145 165 185

218 258 298 250 252 254 256


and in 60 days into the future..this is what we got..

029 dec 2 ALSO REPEATED Jan 9 2011

018 dec 3

158 dec 4

145 dec 13th  ALSO REPEATED DEC 17 2010

125 DEC 16

058 DEC 27

089 JAN 1 ,2011

049 JAN 8 ,2011

156 JAN 14, 2011 ALSO REPEATED January 17 2011

109 Jan 20 2011,

245 Jan 25....ps...this was the FIRST ONE from the 2 group..but I have mentioned a million times I hate the digit 2...I think its the worse..coldest, sorriest..whatever you want to call it..but that does not or will not apply to every state..

so..lets add this up...

thats 14 hits out of 21 combos in 60 days...I dont like going 60 days but with so many variables running from the past..we need a good time frame to allow certain things to show..

and one other important FACT...I DO NOT..NOR HAVE I EVER POSTED BOGUS information that I post in the forums to try and help people..

the new fields will look just like the test run I made on Indiana..and even the most skeptical person in the world would have to say 14 out 21 is pretty <snip> good..lets hope RANDOM will do at least that good on the future fields that I will create for all of you..good luck to all you today...


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