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June 9, 2010
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Posted: April 4, 2011, 10:39 am - IP Logged

Hello in pick3 I divide into three frequency, the vertical position of each
Example 3 digits = the hot
                    3 digits and 4 digits late cold
Doing this in the other two positions = 3,3,4 (three-digit hot, late 3-digit and 4 cold)
  Can you help me in the following analysis, after seeing = 20 or 30 or more results
The hot and cold and delay (the amount of each group can be changed)
Example after resolving that the 1st position in the choice of hot groups, on the other two positions will not choose us warm, I need the macro that you can see this pattern
The position may be the 1st or another among the three, choose another example at the 3rd position
  A typed group of cold, the other two groups will not choose the group cold
That is the same frequency, wanted to see the statistics of these outputs, the analysis poderam show me that in many cases whether or not the digit of 1 position left the group of cold and also the other two groups came out the same groups cold, eg this frequency accurate. someone help me!! thanks