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Back testing

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Posted: May 6, 2011, 9:33 am - IP Logged

A couple points I wanted to make for anyone new to the lottery and wanting to try a system they see.

A point I see often and worth repeating, All pencil & paper systems for sale on the internet could be found on this site somewhere.

Back test the system for a few months. I notice alot of systems going cold for a while and then pick back up. How much will you lose when it does this?

When checking out a system keep in mind how much money it would cost to play a system every draw versus how much you win when the system hit.

I think almost everyone who post systems here are trying to help you come to a win by letting you see a pattern that you may not of seen and to use that pattern with other patterns that your states lottery may have. Use that information with others to pick better.

Money Management is probably the most important thing to learn! Wink



Feel free to add anything to this topic that may help, doesnt cost anything to help another make a little money... or save a lil too