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Useful Information For Pick 3 Straights

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May 10, 2011
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Posted: May 16, 2011, 10:09 pm - IP Logged

I have collected some info on Pick 3 straights. I only used the states that have both midday and evening drawings to get a more accurate reading. I will list all the states that have both midday and evening drawings and i will give you the number that has not hit in the longest time and the number(s) that have hit the most since the drawings began years ago. Keep in mind that some of these numbers have not hit in over 10 years, so they are long overdue. The number i list first is the coldest number, and the number i list second is the hottest. I will also list how many times this number has hit in a total of around 3,600 drawings.


CALIFORNIA- 054....279 drawn 24x

CONNECTICUT- 952....493 drawn 18x

DELAWARE- 110....258 drawn 25x

FLORIDA- 575....224 & 309 drawn 20x

GEORGIA- 984....413 & 645 drawn 21x

ILLINOIS/IOWA- 516....394 drawn 31x

INDIANA- 003....089,305,328, 669 & 673 drawn 20x

KENTUCKY- 620....165 drawn 20x

MARYLAND- 939....547 and 560 drawn 31x

MICHIGAN- 901....659 drawn 22x

MISSOURI- 307....187 drawn 20x

NEW JERSEY- 045....824 drawn 32x

NEW YORK- 288....968 drawn 24x

NORTH CAROLINA- 991....923 drawn 10x

OHIO- 576....610 drawn 22x

PENNSYLVANIA- 325....120, 246 & 308 drawn 27x

SOUTH CAROLINA- 112....543 drawn 15x

TENNESSEE- 582....854 drawn 13x

TEXAS- 315....972 drawn 21x

TRI-STATE- 396....477 drawn 25x

VIRGINIA- 548....793 drawn 25x

WASHINGTON D.C- 904....104 & 819 drawn 30x


The 396 in the Tri-State has not been drawn for over 20 years so that is definately long overdue. The 824 in New Jersey is a solid play everyday as that has the most hits out of all the states. From this list of states, there are 4 states that have numbers that have NEVER been drawn. They are as follows.....


SOUTH CAROLINA- 396, 437 & 670

TENNESSEE- 006, 248, 262, 311, 570, 640, 666, 774, 833 and 901

NORTH CAROLINA-  to many to list, no significance


I hope this information is helpful to some of you. I am from Ohio and i have been stalking that 576 for a very long time now, LOL. Good luck with whatever you decide. Thanks Guys, BJ

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    Posted: May 17, 2011, 12:18 am - IP Logged

    Thank you i play 489 here in georgia