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Bahamas Alert!!will repeat.

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Posted: May 24, 2011, 2:25 am - IP Logged

The 673 played in Miami on the 17th recorded a very low payout of under $69K in Florida.  The made a  hell of a lot of money on this number.  If you were watching its the same number played in Chi last night as 736 and Cali as 376.  NewYork hasnt played 367 as a straight ball in almost 10 years...Would this not be a good time to bring it right back? Today!!!!  Miami will also repeat that number, they are famous for playing low payout numbers days later.


If you know about rundowns which is adding 111 and subtracting 111 from each digit you get on the 673 = 562 and 784...Both on these numbers had there time as the hot ball over a 4 day period remember that 562 came 5 times in one day and then 2 twice again two days later and the day after again one more time.  And 487 was hot too watch that number.  Dont watch play it.

Play it in all the FML houses and you get a sure win TODAY! Its going to come again forget what they throw last night.

WTG! I'm sure you loaded up on it straight, but a boxed will work!

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