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MAPS Source Code Released

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Posted: June 6, 2011, 8:57 pm - IP Logged

MAPS { Multi-Array Permutation System }



I am releasing this code on the premises that 1) you will not ask for help on how to set it up, I can not provide extensive support you will have to use a Linux computer with php and PHP-CLI installed, and 2) you promise to provide any research or results to the community, and for as free as charged as I am offering this code! Now, this code does a very basic task, it generates permutations and spits it out in a format which you will paste back into the actual code of the program, and the other function of the program is to generate random arrays of 20 picks, and to only stop on the array that meets the condition of containing picks that you define (I used the four picks from the last four draws of any the lotteries which I played). I will not provide extensive support or any professional type support at all, but I will meet you half way if you have it setup and need help with the concept of what this code is supposed to do. This code has been completely coded by me and this will be the first time the public will have access to it, I have left place holder data in to guide you as well as commented lines of the code to help you as well. 


Source Code