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"The Lineup"

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Posted: June 8, 2011, 12:53 am - IP Logged

I have read a great deal about vertical pairs & how they pertain to a specific state. But I wanted to see how the vertical pairing would perform for the neighboring states.

Get out your map so that you can see your neighboring states.

So...I took some of the interior states, the states that had two draws per day. You can include the one draw states if you would like. I selected IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, TN. Let's look at Monday June 6, & Tueaday June 7 the states are in alphabetical order:

   Monday June 6        Tuesday June 7

   Midday    Evening       Midday    Evening

IL   638        299         IL  441        795

IN   077        989        IN  433        792

KY   132        901        KY  159        841

MI   806        401        MI  82        642

MO  108        135       MO 512        969       

TN   107        201       TN  528        742

As you can see the digits in the vertical lineup will transfer to the neighboring state(s). I like to use the midday to evening transition. Although you can test the performance from evening to midday.

As to narrowing down the amount of pick 3s, compare it to your other workouts, perhaps the digit in the lineup may satisfy the requirement for the missing digit.

Look for pick 3s that were drawn the previous month that contain the digit(s) in the lineup for they may return again.

Or the opposite, look for pick 3s that were not drawn in your state the previous month that contain the digit(s) in the lineup. 

Experiment & try it using other groups of neighboring states.