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How many LP players believe these numbers are random?

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Posted: June 28, 2011, 11:43 pm - IP Logged

I was just wondering how many people believe the pick 3 numbers are random....I certainly dont....Best argument....Florida took almost 21 years to play 517....Thats right...21 years...On average with only one ball a day it should have shown seven times.  We you kick in the 2 balls per day it goes to about 12-15....


How are they able to play around a number that they dont play....  before they played 120, they played 110 130 220 020 129 but they didnt touch 121, why, because that was even slower than 120....Is not that strange?  With the 429, the played 419, 428 over 10 times...329, 439....

How is it that some numbers come 4 times per day, 2 twice the next day, the day after and gets hot and then the air falls out?

The counting and repeats what explains this?


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I believe any draw with the RNG (random number generator) could have a flaw, pattern or system that can be manipulated. For Pennsylvania, we have the midday RNG for the daily, big4, quinto and treasure hunt. The evening draw is live, and I believe it is 100% random. A pattern of some sort can sometimes be seen, but that does not mean that there are enough basis for me to put money on an evening draw, because things are looking like a trip is gonna fall or whatever.

The only time the evening draw may have been a sure bet, was in 1980. The 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery scandal, colloquially known as the Triple Six Fix, was a plot to rig the Daily Number. All of the balls except 4 and 6 were weighted, meaning that the drawing was almost sure to be a combination of only 4s and 6s. The scheme was successful in that 666, an expected result, was drawn on April 24, 1980; however, the unusual betting patterns alerted authorities to the matter. The chief conspirators were sent to prison, and most of the fraudulently acquired winnings were never paid out.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has never drawn 0000, 6666 or 9999 in the big4 game. Never during midday, never during evening, never ever. 

For midday, I think there is a pattern or system, for evening, it's just a plastic ball with a number on it. -Bill