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jogar por segmentos

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June 9, 2010
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Posted: July 19, 2011, 3:40 pm - IP Logged

Hello, playing for the chosen segments in the lines, an example jogo49 / 6
Take 6 groups at random and match by 6 will give 28 lines of 36 numbers
Always test on any one bet will have 6 numbers, remembering that the line is 36
Numbers, the idea is to play segments (pieces within the line 36) pieces of 6 numbers, in line 36 we have 6 pieces, then they are 28 x 6 = 168 chunks
Who wants to play all 168, but tends seos see six numbers have dropped in on the pieces
  Well you can create subgroups of segment 6, getting three segments that takes the other three neighbor or next segment, being only 28 lines or matrices is possible to establish standards with the results in vertical and horizontal patterns and play late, then giving in the segments and subsegments, unless you can improve the prediction, well you can also ride the lines using half a result, uniting with the other half
  Result, for hardly four numbers of repeats previous draws examples
He gave the lottery 46 / 6 0001 = 12,23,35,36,38 45
                                       0002 = 06,25, 26, 37, 39, 49
The 12,23,36,37,38,39. When mounting the line with six groups, so it's well and randomly, etc.