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They should let you collect interests on Annuity...

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November 4, 2006
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Posted: July 24, 2011, 7:30 pm - IP Logged

they could donate it to breast cancer cause/research or cervical research/cause...PLLLEEEEAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEE ANYTHING excepttttttt, education....

I always been against lottery money going to education...leave that for poor foreign countries....

You remember 1 prognosis 1 time they said that a small possibility existed that the H1N1 virus could wipe out HALFFFF OFF THE USSSSAAA....it didnt become true but what if it did, where will that had left education...

lottery money going to education in states like Boston, New hampshire...what the??? leave that crap for states like, Alabama or other state where there is a high concentration of illeteracy...all states are going to education...

no offense to the state of alabama...

tiggs is thinking pumpi who is the Lottery Post "GENIUS" meant Tennessee and not Alabama..It's ok pumpi tiggs has made a mistake or two in his day a long time ago..

                                                          Pure luck

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    June 16, 2006
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    Posted: July 25, 2011, 12:19 am - IP Logged

    they should...

    No, they shouldn't.

    Take cash and earn interest on THAT, why do you think they have a choice between the two?