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picking repeat numbers smartluck

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November 22, 2010
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Posted: July 26, 2011, 1:29 am - IP Logged

hey everyone:

from what i have notice the e ten game group count holds answer as to wich number group has the most activity for most of the repeat numbers, if you look you will see in the groups with multiple hits around a specfic number for example, if you see a number group with 6 - 10 had 16 hits in ten games and number 8 is a good candidiate for a repeat  on the multiple hit chart and its at the top or has good number of hits for two games in a row and you see on the drawing since hit chart that the repat number candidat has many hits are clustered together around it, this would be a good time to play 8 as a repeat hit or a power number. I have gotten 1 power numbers with this strategy, for my other power number I look at e ten game group count, or skips due. just remember when choosing  2 power numbers its better to choose one of them from diffrent groupings and not two from the same number group, Remember to also choose one from e ten game the wich are the ones most due, and number group biase tracker wich has the most hits for repeats. I know confusing, i hope this helps

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    June 6, 2011
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    Posted: July 26, 2011, 10:08 pm - IP Logged

    Thank you for posting this. Lately I have been using e ten game screen a lot and I find it a great resource. Thank you again


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      July 27, 2005
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      Posted: July 28, 2011, 5:33 pm - IP Logged

      Hey, ditto on the thanks for your post, always like to read different views on Gail's software-I will look at that when looking at repeating numbers.  (I just had a quick look at the charts).  Do you open up 2 or more windows when you study GH's charts?  I had the 10 game group count window open and another with chart 4A open.  I'll definitely consider your method for a possible power number pick.

      One thing, sometimes the lotteries will tend to repeat on the low end of the repeat curve-the numbers least likely to repeat, like they are trying to play "catch up". 

      I tend to look at chart B, Games Out of View, and if our Pick 5 lotto has not had a repeat hit in the last 3 or more games then I'll look at possible repeat numbers.  If it has been having repeat numbers for the last 3-4 or more drawings in a row, I might not use them, thinking they might stop coming up.

      Another way to pick a possible power number is to look at possible bottoms on the Abbreviated Drawings Since Hit chart 4A.  Right now we have #4 with a possible triple bottom +1, it didn't hit this past Wednesday so it has a pattern of XX----X----X----- :   on the 4B chart:  0 4 4 5, these being the games out in between hits. 

      I tend to look for double, triple or more bottoms for a power number.  You can open chart 4b, I find this to give a quick view of possible bottoms then go back to 4A to open up the chart.  If the number is off +-1 or 2 I'll probably still play it.One more way is a possible flag formation when a number is 5 - 7 games out, as in this pattern:  x-x-----  or xx----- .  GH recommends to stop playing the number once it has not hit after 7 times (it might get cold) but even she mentions how numbers have hit when they are out eight on a flag formation then hit.  You have to discern on some of the rules and biases, go with or against. 

      Another thing I look at-if the bottoms have long skips in between, say with a pattern of x11x10x11x11 or even longer-as long as the pattern is consistant I'll probably play the number.  Our pick 5 lottery tends to have steady "out 10 or more" numbers that come up.

      Sorry if I veered off topic, good luck in your playing and thanks again for the tip! :D