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What Would You Do?

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Posted: September 7, 2011, 12:11 am - IP Logged

The dilema:

The other day i went in to the new store to play a couple of no's around lunch time, well just missed the game it was going off while i was at the counter. Any how i look to the back and i spot 3 machines, and i asked the store clerk what was up with those machines in the back, and she said we dont give out money if you win cause that would make it illegal, no cigarettes, no lottery tickets, what we do give is gas and groceries, so i look at the 3 dollars i got in my hand and i say what the heck, so i get on table top one and i pick a game and i notice that it says 50 per play spin whatever you want to call it, and i say to myself 50 cents? that will be gone in a few spins, so i start to play and i win the first cycle and then the next and the next and the next, people are looking at me in the store, i am gaining points like crazy, almost cant believe it myself. So i ask the guy next to me how do i get paid, and he says dont move im going to the front, so the girl comes over and looks and calls the store owner who was somewhere close by and his eyes start bugging and i ask him how do i get my gas for the game, he says its not his machine and he needs to call his friend and he calls him and he says in a thick accent this girl she here she winning, winning winning ,lotta money, she still winning the guy says he is coming down to the store to check this out, and he never shows up and the owner goes to the front so i start snapping screen shots of my points and the machine shuts off even though i was still wining and did not have to put anything in it, i couldnt see what he was doing if he did anything and he says that the machine that is supposed to be printing this out is broke. he calls the guy again puts me on the phone and he tells me its for entertainment purposes only. my score was 92,736 points the woman at the counter said they got scared because no one has ever beat the game before so they have never had to pay out on that machine............................WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? THE HIGHEST score on the machine was 1000

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    Posted: September 7, 2011, 2:23 am - IP Logged

    You got took.

    Hard to say what to do cuz sometimes those kinda machines are owned by a group of people you don't wanna mess with. But I would put some pressure on the owner of the store because his employee told you that you'd get paid in gas and groceries and he might give you something but I doubt you'll get what you got coming. In the meantime they'll probably fix that machine to make sure that doesn't happen again.







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