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Illinois Lottery - Scratch Cards & Little Lotto

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September 24, 2002
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Posted: October 16, 2011, 1:51 pm - IP Logged

Hi Everyone!  I apologize for putting this thread in the "Pick 3" area, but I noticed a LOT of people FROM Illinois in this thread and it's you guys I want to ask these questions to:

Do you play the scratch cards?  If so, have you noticed how terrible they've become since the new group has taken over the IL Lottery?  I used to play the $20 cards and won anywhere from $40-$100 on them at least once a week (and didn't play much either!)  This was maybe 4 years ago...  but now, literally every card stinks!  From the $20.00 all the way down to the dollar ones.  Odds have gone up, payouts of course are way down, and they changed some of favorite ever cards, plus the latex is all funky and the background colors aren't clashing enough to see your game play (like on $3 Crossword)  Yellow latex with a white background??  Terrible!  And they just made the old $10 Merry Millionaire into a $20 card now.  UGH!  I don't like anything now, that new $200 million ten card is the worst!  And the Black card and Color of money too.  Just curious if anyone else has taken note of these changes.  Rant

Also, I've been playing Little Lotto since 1995, is there Illinois posters that "wheel" Little Lotto numbers specifically and post numbers here?  Bang Head

Thanks for letting me vent!  Good luck all !!!!!!  Pumpkin

-Curt Little Lotto King