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ga dream

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Posted: November 18, 2011, 10:25 am - IP Logged

i dream that weird people came to my house want my attention so i let them in to hear what they had to say my cousin and sister were their to they seem as they wanted me to let them stay the night until the storm clears the wind was high trees were knocking against the house and window so they agreed not to let them stay cause they were too scary people so i let they out and minutes let a gun shot went off and the door pop open they came back in the house and we all want to run but we could we sat down on the sofa and watch them morning came the got ready to leave a bus was waiting on them and one of the was pregnat and she had the baby while everyone else was one the bus her husband notice she was still in the house and we went to look for her she was lying on the floor beside a blood  spot we notice that she had a baby statue and gave it to me as angel in walk beside the door and stay rite there they got on the bus and disappear my cousin charles always notice its there he told me that its always getting close to him telling him that he better get right and clear that mess off his shoulders


number please for door, gun shot, wind, window, house, tree, strom,bus, weird people, angel, guardience angel ,baby statue,cousin sister charles