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GS FL330 - The 'C' Page

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Posted: November 21, 2011, 4:25 pm - IP Logged

GS FL330 The 'C' Book

History and Followers for A# 0R, 7C, 8C and 9C.

Data is taken from the A# line on the main Worksheet.

The format for this book is the same as used for Books A and B.

Because there are 4 A# numbers to process, 11 graph pages
are required.

Here is the A# data stream for the combined FL Cash 3 drawings between Nov. 1
and Nov. 18 Midday.


The stream is broken down into single digits, pairs and triples.

The first pair is 90
The first triple is 900

The last triple is 088
The last pair is 88

The data is logged according to appropriate column headings previously described.

This is major follower information that is helpful when choosing numbers to play.

For example, if I decided to play Alpha Structure 'ABC', I would evaluate the
history for pair '88'.

The question asked is - 'what's next?'

Referring to the appropriate page, I note the followers for pair '88' are: 89890.

Further, I would determine the history for triple '088'

Referring to the appropriate page, I note that there no followers listed.

It's important to know the "Time Out'  totals for 0R, 7C, 8C 9C.

Referring to the A# tracking form, I learn the following:

A# - Times Out
OR - 3
7C - 39
8C - #
9C - 13

7C is a cold number that is 'due'
8C was one of three in the last Gap combination processed. Will it repeat?

Based on the limited data available, I'd probably choose '9C'.

The lottery number for '9C' would be found on the Play worksheet.
This will be discussed in a separate post.

If I had chosen to use Alpha structure 'CCR' to guide my choices, it
would be fairly straightforward.

The 'OR' would be automatic.

I'd would then have to choose two 'Cs', which would probably be '8C and 9C'

NOTE: I may have caused some confusion regarding the 'quads'
These are no 4-digit groups per se to log
A 'quad' comes about when a follower is added to a Triple, and is information
one has to consider when making choices.

Of course, a user could establish a true quad file with followers,
but this would require additional logging - and a whole lot more data!

The triple above has no followers, therefore, there are no quads to consider.