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GS FL330 The Playbook

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Posted: November 22, 2011, 1:15 pm - IP Logged


Using a GS Substitution Lottery System requires in-depth analysis of the various data streams
for clues that help the User decide which numbers have the best chance of winning.

The following is based on the Data Base values for the combined Florida Cash 3
drawing between Nov. 1 (Lottery combination 091) and Nov. 18 Miday (Lottery combination 577).

What tools do you need:

1. Distribution and Count Chart showing Lottery and Gap numbers in the order in which they occurred.

2. Lottery and Gap number tracking charts.

3. The last 10 Active Cells for the A# data stream; the PI stream; the
Gap number stream and the Lottery number stream.

4. The PI and A# Inventory Charts.

5. The PI and A# Tracking charts.

6. The Alpha Structure/Tracking Charts

7. The A# Number Structure/Tracking Charts

8. The 'A' Book

9. The 'B' Book

10. The 'C/R' Book

Additionally, you will need patience, insight, intuition, hindsight, 'gut feeling', past experience, Prayers, power of observation and sufficient
time to completely evaluate the data.

A supply of 'antacid' could be helpful

Things you don't need: Roots, Sums, VTRACS, Pyramids, Deltas, Polygrams, Tic-Tac-Toes and other
charts and schemes based solely on the lottery number stream.

You don't need a calculator. There won't be any addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.


1. Decide how many combinations you can afford to play. (Lets say you can afford to lose $5)

2. Examine the Alpha and A# structures and choose 4.

(Note: This is a start-up workout. There isn't much data to choose from.

However, the '330' Substitution Lottery System is Universal in nature.
I play in Texas. My A# structure (Box) recommendations, based on current TX330 data streams are:

1110, 1020, 0120, 1200, 2010, and TBD (To be chosen based on second and third choices)


The worst thing you can do is base your guesswork on out-of-date end-of-line chart totals.

4. Find a quiet working area and lay out the charts and forms so that they can be readily observed.

5. Use graph paper. Colored pencils optional. (Hopefully, an Excel spreadsheet will be available soon)

6. Prepare a Playing Worksheet.

GS FL330
Date: 111811 Eve.
Last winning lottery combination: 577

.....A# - 7 6 9 4 3 2 5 0 1 8

.....PI - F2 F1 L3 L4 L5 F4 L2 L1 F5 F3

.... G# - 6 2 0 3 9 4 5 8 7 1

.... L# - 8 0 6 1 4 9 3 2 5 7

Note: All choices using the System are based on the A# stream. Therefore, the lines of
data always begin with the three A#s.














TO = Times Out



Choosing numbers to play.

.....Number Structure



---------------I need one 'A' digit


Referring to Follower data in the 'A' Book.

Page 1/5 - The previous A# for 1A2A3A are: 21312331213311321222312122231321222321

The last digit is '1'

The question is: What is the next pair.?

The pairs totals: (From inventory at bottom of page)

11-1, 12-5, 13-4

The last two digits are '21'

Next question: What is the next triple?

Referring to page 2/5, the followers for '21' are: 33222

The last three digits are '321'

Next question; What is the next Quad.

Referring to page 3/5, the followers for '321' '22'

My choice, after considering all the data before me, is - "


Note: Other players could evaluate the data and make a different choice. Depends on how much
data is available and prior experience making choices.

I've found, through experience, that choosing the A# with highest Times out total isn't always
the best choice.

(There is a Form to track your choices and the actual results. This will be discussed later)

-------------I need one 'B' digit.

Referring to Follower data in the B Book.

Page 1/5: The previous A# 4B5B6B are: 4445664555456556556466545556445455

The last digit is '5'

The question: What is the next pair?

The pair totals for '5' are: 54-3, 55-6, 56-6

The last two digits are '55'

Next question: What is the next triple?

Referring to Page 2/5, the followers for '55' are: 4665

The last three digits are '455'

Next question: What is the Quad?

Referring to page 3/5, the follower for '455' are: 45

My choice, after considering the Times Out totals and the followers is:


----------I need one 'C' digit

Referring to the follower data in Book C/R

Page 1/13: The previous A# for 7C8C9C0R are: 90079077798889789888978808009000088

(Do you notice anything odd about this sequence/)

The last digit is '8'

What's the next pair?

The pair totals for '8' on Page 1/13 are: 0-2, 7-0, 8-6, 9-3

The last two digits are '88'

Question - what is the next triple?

Referring to Page 3/13, the followers for '88' are: 89890

The last three digits are: '088'

What is the next Quad?

Referring to Page 4/13, there are no followers to consider at this juncture.

Afer weighing all the available data, my choice is "






Referring to the Active Cell data layout chart above, the lottery number for 2A is '

9', the lottery

number for 5B is '

3' and the lottery number for '9C' is '6'

Updating the Playing Worksheet.

Number Structure: 1..1..1..0



Lottery Number.....9..3..6..0


936' on the playslip and hope the official numbers match your numbers.

You would mark 'Box' but you could play a Straight. Your choice.

Selection of numbers for additional Box plays, as suggested above, follows the EXACT same procedure.

About the 'TBD' play.

Sometimes the trend data is so even that making a rationale choice between two elements is difficult.

What I do is choose one and then put the second in an alternate structure. I then complete
the play using choices already made for other structures. It could be a 'throw away' set, but it
could also payoff.

The Play Worksheet is completed when the official lottery numbers are added.

According to my information, the winning numbers for the 111811 Eve drawing were: "


That's the way it goes! One out of three!


The winning combination and the corresponding A#s are added to the Worksheet.

....Winning L# .... 3...0....7


The A# number structure is 0210

The Alpha structure is ... BBC

This demonstrates a situation that comes with playing an Alpha Structure having three different A-Ls.

Same thing could happen if you played ABR ACR BCR.

When you choose an 'R', your lottery number choice is sort of automatic.

However, the Alpha Structure tracking charts will show that structures having an 'R' are infrequent winners.

Yes, it's a complex process, but, not beyond the capability of folks who play personal picks.

How much time? I can update my charts and select numbers for the next drawing in about an hour, or less.

Other uses?

This system also works for the Daily4 (pick4) game here in Texas. In fac, I've won more playing Daily4,

$100 box payout, than I have with Pick 3.

If you decide to set up a workout for the Fl pick 4 game, I suggest you play Alpha Structures AABA, BBAB, CCAB and ABCR.

It can also be used for Pick 5 and Pick 5 lotteries, including the Jackpot games.
You would need to set up a worksheet for each number group, or 5 Books each for Mega and Powerball.

Good Luck!

I'm not the best typist. Please overlook the typos.