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The Triple Triggers Are At It Again

Topic closed. 32 replies. Last post 6 years ago by Starr920.

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Posted: January 12, 2012, 9:10 am - IP Logged

What triples do you see for Washington DC

Hi erdie! D.C. gave players of 777 a nice gift on Christmas eve. I wish PA could have shown some holiday cheer.

Looks like 666 might be one to look for in the day draw and you guys got 000 and 444 last in the night draws....pretty good on the averages

and it might be too soon to look for another but looking at what is lacking in the night draw....666 is a low show at night - so imo, that might be

the one to target for both draws.

Good luck and if you see any signs of it in your w/o's it may be good to go with.

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    Posted: January 12, 2012, 9:22 am - IP Logged

    i would play hard on 000  !!

    That's awesome Dr Lottery, I hope it comes in big for you players in Georgia!

      New Jersey
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      Posted: January 12, 2012, 9:44 am - IP Logged

      Anyone remember this?


      There were times I wanted to mention it again and didn't - Ohio made me do it. They got 444 tonight.

      The trigger was 441 on Sunday night. No Nod

      Tri-States got 999 last Friday...the trigger was 669 the previous Monday.

      Ontario got 000 on Monday...the trigger was 522 the Thursday before.

      I think it's time for some tracking again. *Pushing up sleeves and getting down to business* Big Smile

      If you see them in your work outs it might be good to get on a favorite, the triggers work. Not for all but

      for a decent amount of states. I'll start with January 5th and go back:


      Georgia - 1/05 - trigger 636

      Indiana - 1/05 - trigger 858


      Kentucky - 1/04 - trigger 474

      Minnesota - 1/04 - trigger 663

      New Jersey - 1/04 - trigger 441

      Pennsylvania Big Smile 1/04 - trigger 744

      D.C - 1/04 - trigger  663


      New Jersey (again) - 1/03 - trigger 330

      Ontario - 1/03 - trigger 552

      Quebec - 1/03 - trigger 885


      Nebraska - 1/02 - trigger 330

      (wow..just one!)


      Arkansas - 1/01 - trigger 366

      Kentucky (again) - 1/01 - trigger 003

      Minnesota (again) - 1/01 - trigger 669

      New Jersey (again) - 1/01 - trigger 558

      New York - 1/01 - trigger 525

      Ohio - 1/01 - trigger 441....triple came as 444 on 1/05

      D.C. (again) 1/01 - trigger 585


      Let's see how these do to bring on the triples.

      And..if it's beyond about 5 days (7 max I found) and no triple...I'd give up. I know some would like to

      give up at 1 day past LOL but I've found these triggers will bring on the triples too many times to throw the

      towel in too soon.

      Good luck everyone!!!





      Happy New Year, dr65Sun Smiley

      Thank you sooo much for starting this thread.

      I have been feeling trips for NJ (they usually show between the 10th and 15th of the month).  When NY got 000 last night, I posted trips for NJ today but was still a bit iffy about it.  Well this thread gave me the confirmation I needed. 

      With all the distractions of the holiday season, etc, I was surprised to read that NJ has had THREE double triggers (441, 330, 558).  I look at NJ #s everyday but when I saw that, it made me go Oogle LOL

      I'm gonna reference this link in NJ thread for other players because your double triggers usually work very well for us.   It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next few drawings. 

      Thanks again and good luck with your picks todaySmile

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