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My first "real" thread

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June 13, 2010
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Posted: January 11, 2012, 3:08 pm - IP Logged

Hi guys.  I'm posted a few times before but never started my own thread.  I live in FL and the lottery never goes up high down here (except a few times when the state lotto goes to like 40 mil), probably due to the sheer amount of old people playing LOL.

Anyway, I have some topics/questions here:

1. I heard on some internet articles that the lottery "winners" you see holding the big check are really actors that are paid a couple of thousand dollars to hold the big check, while the money is given to the government.  I personally think this is BS, what about you?  I personally think it's BS because my one of my dad's customers from his former job is friends with the female EMT that won the $76 million Powerball in Hollywood.  Let's just say she quit as soon as the check cleared LOL.

2. Why is it that the media likes to focus on the horror stories like that Jack Witicker (sp?) guy?  You never see them focus on the ones that use their winnings to better themselves and/or make a positive investment....

3. Let's say you won a big lottery (powerball, etc) and you decided to do something which your friends say, "No way, not even with all that money," but throw a hail-mary and decide to do it anyway?

Here's mine....

I told a friend of mine that if I ever hit the lottery, one of the things I am going to do is do the "Andy Roddick method of courtship" and see if one of these 3 UK models - Holly Gibbons, Lucy Collett or Ivy Nedkova - are single, then I'll have my people contact her people and see if we can arrange a date. Blonde, Redhead and a Brunette to choose from. :D

FYI: Andy Roddick saw Brooklyn Decker in a Sports Illustrated issue, thought she was hot, and called his agent to contact her people and arrange a date. The two are now married! As far as those models, I like them because like a lot of UK glamour models, they don't like they're going to fall over and die any minute due to lack of food. PS - if you're going to do a google image search, do it when you're at home as many of their pics are NSFW....

4. One lifelong dream of mine is to drag race cars.  It wouldn't be like a dragster or funny car, but something cheap (well, cheaper to run) like a Challenger V10 Drag Pack.  There is a racer in the south who bought one and within a week of taking delivery, set records with it.


Hope to make a bigger contribution when I have time.....

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    Posted: January 11, 2012, 4:01 pm - IP Logged

    Your first real reply, Welcome to Lottery Post..Good luck

     HyperBe Happy.

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      Posted: January 11, 2012, 4:22 pm - IP Logged

      Hi HEMI, welcome to Lottery Post.

      1.  Conspiracy nuts start those stories.

      2.  The mainstream news media are sensationalists, wh*res and liars for the most part. 

      Best of luck to ya!LepYes NodThumbs Up 

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        Posted: January 13, 2012, 8:45 pm - IP Logged





        Your first REAL REAL reply..


        Best of luck to yah!

                                                                  Pure luck