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West Virginia / Wisconsin/ Illinois Folks - I Have A Feelin! And A Good One :)

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Posted: January 17, 2012, 2:37 pm - IP Logged

Hello everyone,

I have not done any workout or anything...Just a feeling! My older brother lives in West Virginia, my mother in Wisconsin, and myself in Illinois. We have some key dates this month. Recall, I had the same type of thing going on around 1/8 with my deceased cousin. His death date was1/8/06 - DOB 1/26/84. He was closest to us in Chicago and his numbers rolled in Chicago all over the board!

Anyway, I had a strong urge to post, maybe it will bring some of you luck! My STRONGEST FEELING is that something is rolling out in Virgina Today.

My grandmothers death anniversary is 1/13/01 - she was closest to my brother that lives in Virginia.

My grandmother - Alice Evelyn -  (did not allow us to call her gradmother lol - we called her Mama - her Birthday is 7/11/1934.

My brother she was very close to - Shawn Allen - DOB 7/31/1977. (VIRGINIA) He and I are the most similar and seem to share this gift we are only begining to truly recognize and embrace.

My nephew (brother's son) 13th Birthday - Anthony - DOB 1/15/1999. (VIRGINIA)

My Mom - Teresa Diane - 12/12/1959 (WISCONSIN)

My mom was at my sister's house yesterday -  Danille Lynn - DOB 1/29/90 (WISCONSIN)

The baby's name - Nathaniel Michael - 12/25/2011 (WISCONSIN)

Myself - Angelina Marie - 1/30/1980 (CHICAGO)

Sorry, If I am rambling, there is SO MUCH going on, I am just trying to make sense of it myself! Now, the depression issues with my mom, I swear I am feeling it myself. It's horrible! I seem to get on the phone with her and I get this overwhelming uncontrollable crying! I feel bad, so I answer, but I almost don't want to because I don't want to be so sad. It kind of fogs my brain for the rest of the day!!! My son, who is normally a happy (hyper) but happy child has also been unusually negative lately. I'm not sure what is going on with him. His name is Junior (manuel) 6/22/05.

My great grandmother (the mother of the above reference grandmother is also deceased). She was also very close to my brother in Virginia.

Great Grandmother - Hesther - DOB 1/26/1912 - DOD - 8/26/93.

(Looking at my great grandmother's memorial card - I find it a little ironic that the address to her funeral was4447 -  per my earlier post - That is one of the numbers I got from words for numbers "transformer". - I posted earlier that an electrical transformer about 1 block from my house was popping and emitting sparks - I thought it was going to blow - Comed did come out and shut it down or fix it.)

Generated Lottery Numbers

Word(s)/Phrase: transformer

Game:  Illinois Pick 4

Method 1:  1-2-2-7
Method 2:  6-3-2-0
Method 3:  8-5-5-9
Method 4:  0-9-0-8
Method 5:  4-4-4-7
Method 6:  1-2-6-6

**Last couple of fyi's - My Uncle passed - drug overdose - do not recall the year but his name was Michael - dob - 6/10.

My sister (technically my half-sister) - was very close to her grandmother. I keep seeing frogs and that woman ADORED frogs. She passed as well and I sometimes sense her presence. Her name Ann Marie - DOB - 1/20/1935 - DOD 3/20/2005.

HOPE this wasn't too much information. I just have such a feeling today and so much I am trying to decipher!