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Attention To All Pa Pick 4 Players!

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January 1, 2000
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Posted: January 28, 2012, 6:22 am - IP Logged

Hi, PA Players!


First, let me start by introducing myself, they call me Jah Breezy!. 

A few year's ago, I met a guy named Q at a dice game and I was impressed because he literally had stacks of money, drove a Mercedes Benz CLK 430 and people respected him.  At the time if you drove a Mercedes Benz CLK 430 you were the man, I thought to myself "where did he get this money from".  The dice game ensued and at the end he was the only one standing with money, after breaking everyone else pockets.  When the dust settled the loser's went home with pride, the beggar's sometimes gamblers would hang around to ask for a walk, and to my bewilderment Q would give them a fraction back of the money they had lost but I had way too much pride for that gesture.  But what he later told me changed me.

He told me that he creates his bank by playing the number game, and that this is how he bought his CLK 430 and won 20K, on his favorite number 007 in NY.  Having gone to college I thought I could maybe put an educated spin on the way you play because I wasn't good at just randomly picking number's out of thin air.  So I hit the internet hard searching for any books related to lotto playing, after all someone else probably have thought of this, at least that's what I thought.  While on the internet I came across a few books of the like, Robert Walsh Cash Winning numbers, Eze Ugbor, Lottery Pro Player, only to discover that I've wasted my money.  It was then down to two choices give up or create my own so I've created my very own Lottery System.


In less than six monts of was finally done.  To be exact January 26, 2012 is when I finished and I am very pleased.  So I decided to put my new system to the test, so on January 27 PA evening draw was 9472, and guess what, yup a boxed hit 7942 for a cool $100 dollars, for a five dollar investment, not bad at all.  Just so you know my system is refined and very reliable and I want to share it to the world, only if your interested.  The system is design only for allowing the day's Midday number to produce to you the Evening winning number for the day but that would be explained later.

I guess I will close by saying that I am very passionate about numbers, accountant by day so It's no secret that I love numbers.  My goal is to become sort of a professional, like any discipline.  One of th reasons people become professionals in any discipline is to make a good living from something they excel at.  The only thing you need to do is follow me and keep on winning. I would be disbursing numbers daily on my Facebook account for the PA Evenings draw.

To follow me:

1. If you have facebook look for Jah Breezy, and request me as a friend.  If you dont have facebbook I recommend you to get an account.

Because I am not allowed to post my e-mail address due to scams, when you arrive on facebook, to know you have the right  Jah Breezy you will see a picture of the PA lottery logo in green.

Also, just to note I will be posting a picture of the winning ticket after this letter to those that remain skeptical, after all I know how you feel!

I look forward to hearing from you guys, and remember I will be issuing the numbers later sometime today before 4:00 pm!

Thanks for reading Jah Breezy!


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    January 1, 2000
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    Posted: January 28, 2012, 6:59 am - IP Logged

    Due to my membership status I am not allowed to post any images.  But you can still view the image on Facebook.  Thanks Jah Breezy.