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Illinois: 2/1 - 2/29/2012

Topic closed. 473 replies. Last post 5 years ago by MzDuffleBaglady.

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August 14, 2009
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Posted: February 29, 2012, 10:03 pm - IP Logged

033 where are you?

am asking the same thing

 they that wants all shall have none 303 303 303 303 033 033 033 330 330 330


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    February 29, 2012
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    Posted: February 29, 2012, 10:13 pm - IP Logged

    In that case look out for 083 and 583

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      May 3, 2011
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      Posted: February 29, 2012, 10:19 pm - IP Logged

      033 where are you?

      I have been looking for 600 to fall in NY, Miami and Chicago since January 14.. No show!!!

      Cali was close tonight with 700

      600 where are you too????

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        January 2, 2011
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        Posted: February 29, 2012, 10:23 pm - IP Logged

        winner 725 3026 a repeat crap

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          October 1, 2008
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          Posted: February 29, 2012, 11:36 pm - IP Logged

          033 where are you?

          the  330 come in virginia....alllll the other states getting this number but they REFUSE to bring it in the states we does play....they just keep brining these ole <snip>ty repeats smtttt

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          $$"Practice makes perfect.....keep at it and you will succeed one day"$$

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            August 8, 2011
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            Posted: February 29, 2012, 11:53 pm - IP Logged

            Wow! i got it box 128

            so lets play Pick 3

            123-325-742-425-332-339-469-462-159-753-451-258-369-972-379-183-729-486-039-809-708-113-050-178-678-453-321-012-127-304-118-115-518-128-000-111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999 good luck

            My actual list that i play all year...sometimes i play different numbers ..for Pick 4


            1111....06/29/94....1 time

            2222 11-10-10....6 times

            7777 09/28/09......2 times

            3333 12/06/03...2 times

            0000 05/03......1 time

            9999 02/14/09..2 times

            1111 06/29/94 ...1 time

            so the 0000-4444-5555-6666-8888 has never been drawn....

            correct me if im wrong..

            I cant believe it again...by one on 6 numbers on pick 2 and by one on 2 numbers on pick 4....getting close.
            If i dont risk i dont win!

              United States
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              August 8, 2011
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              Posted: March 1, 2012, 12:54 am - IP Logged

              My list for one week....
              238-359-415-469-050-339-113-123-612 & all triples.
              & all quads.....0-9..........

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                May 13, 2010
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                Posted: March 1, 2012, 2:28 pm - IP Logged
                78504Win2/28/2012 1:56:36 PM$554.00
                121605439-349172221ECHA02/28/2012047 B$0.50
                121605439-349172222ECHA02/28/2012047 S$0.50
                121605399-349171764ECHA02/28/2012386 B$0.50
                121605399-349171765ECHA02/28/2012386 S$0.50
                121605303-349170547ECHA02/28/2012045 B$1.00
                121605303-349170548ECHA02/28/2012045 S$1.00
                121605303-349170549ECHA02/28/2012316 B$1.00
                121605303-349170550ECHA02/28/2012316 S$1.00
                121605160-349168926ECHA02/28/2012003 B$0.50
                121605160-349168927ECHA02/28/2012003 S$0.50
                121605113-349167095ECHA02/28/2012033 B$0.50
                121605113-349167096ECHA02/28/2012033 S$0.50
                121605079-349166722ECHA02/28/2012370 B$0.50
                121605079-349166723ECHA02/28/2012370 S$0.50
                121605040-349166321ECHA02/28/2012845 B$0.50
                121605040-349166322ECHA02/28/2012845 S$0.50
                121605040-349166323ECHA02/28/2012377 B$0.50
                121605040-349166324ECHA02/28/2012377 S$0.50
                121602022-349114082EMIA02/28/2012023 B$1.00
                121602022-349114083EMIA02/28/2012023 S$1.00
                121602022-349114084EMIA02/28/2012239 B$1.00
                121602022-349114085EMIA02/28/2012239 S$0.50
                121602022-349114086ECHA02/28/2012239 B$1.00
                121602022-349114087ECHA02/28/2012239 S$0.50
                121599082-349066156ECHA02/28/2012017 B$0.50
                121599082-349066157ECHA02/28/2012017 S$0.50
                121596305-349013786ENY02/28/2012658 B$0.50
                121596305-349013787ENY02/28/2012658 S$0.50
                121596305-349013788ENY02/28/2012598 B$0.50
                121596305-349013789ENY02/28/2012598 S$0.50
                121595534-348999145ENY02/28/2012397 B$0.50
                121595534-348999146ENY02/28/2012397 S$0.50
                121595490-348998331ENY02/28/2012598 B$0.50
                121595490-348998332ENY02/28/2012598 S$0.50
                121595459-348997301ENY02/28/2012490 B$0.50
                121595459-348997458ENY02/28/2012490 S$0.50
                121595459-348997459ENY02/28/2012658 B$1.00
                121595459-348997465ENY02/28/2012658 S$1.00
                121595459-348997466ENY02/28/2012596 B$0.50
                121595459-348997467ENY02/28/2012596 S$0.50
                121595459-348997468ENY02/28/2012598 B$0.50
                121595459-348997469ENY02/28/2012598 S$0.50
                121591381-348918936ECHA02/28/2012031 B$0.50
                121591381-348918937ECHA02/28/2012031 S$0.50
                121591381-348918938ECHA02/28/2012631 S$0.50
                121591381-348918939ECHA02/28/2012516 S$0.50
                121591381-348918940ECHA02/28/2012032 S$0.50
                121591381-348918941ECHA02/28/2012039 B$0.50
                121591381-348918942ECHA02/28/2012039 S$0.50
                121591381-348918943ECHA02/28/2012639 B$0.50
                121591381-348918944ECHA02/28/2012639 S$0.50
                121591381-348918945ECHA02/28/2012328 B$0.50
                121591381-348918946ECHA02/28/2012328 S$0.50
                121591284-348917199ECHA02/28/2012364 B$0.50
                121591284-348917200ECHA02/28/2012364 S$0.50
                121591284-348917201ECHA02/28/2012028 B$0.50
                121591284-348917202ECHA02/28/2012028 S$0.50
                121591284-348917203ECHA02/28/2012627 B$0.50
                121591284-348917204ECHA02/28/2012627 S$0.50
                121591284-348917205ECHA02/28/2012465 B$0.50
                121591284-348917206ECHA02/28/2012465 S$0.50
                121591284-348917207ECHA02/28/2012685 B$0.50
                121591284-348917208ECHA02/28/2012685 S$0.50
                121591284-348917209ECHA02/28/2012630 B$0.50
                121591284-348917210ECHA02/28/2012630 S$0.50
                121591284-348917211ECHA02/28/2012642 B$0.50
                121591284-348917212ECHA02/28/2012642 S$0.50
                121591284-348917213ECHA02/28/2012859 S$0.50
                121591284-348917239ECHA02/28/2012395 B$0.50
                121591284-348917240ECHA02/28/2012395 S$0.50
                121591284-348917241ECHA02/28/2012263 B$0.50
                121591284-348917242ECHA02/28/2012263 S$0.50
                121591284-348917243ECHA02/28/2012425 B$0.50
                121591284-348917244ECHA02/28/2012425 S


                 Hi Vanity:

                    I don't know who screwed up, but I've been playing 859 and flipping the nine with 856 for about a week now in Illinois and I haven't won yet.  I've checked Illinois lottery.com and NewYork lottery.com for their daily listing of numbers which have played and I don't see the 859 showing up in either of these states in the midday drawn on February 28/2012.  Interestingly enough, however, I do see where Flalottery.com played 859 in the midday draw on February 28/2012.  I was just wondering how come you won and I didn't since we were playing the same number in the same state.  There's obviously been a screw-up somewhere....

                The "Winners Circle"  is incomplete without me!

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                  October 16, 2009
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                  Posted: March 2, 2012, 3:08 am - IP Logged





                  ^5 buckikePartyBanana


                  I hope you hit that number straight?  That's my birthday flipped, and I played it in Missouri today, and I see it hit Illinois tonight.


                  I"m going to stay on it heavy now, it's sure to hit in Missouri,  now that it showed in Illinois.


                  Good Luck.


                  The Struggle is real!

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