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Key Digits for pick 3 and pick 4 ,continue

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Posted: February 13, 2012, 10:15 am - IP Logged

For those who plays Lottery everyday and can't wait for The keys(Doubles are usually 25% in 40 draw span,but sometimes is 40%, Meaning if u take 30 or 40 recent draws,25% are usually doubles.My take is the key puts a brake on playing everyday,and when I have the key ,I'll maximise and take a chance to win.

Using The key:study the behavior of the key when testing,e.g is the combo 12,13 more prevalent/frequent than 12,13,23 for key 123. if 12,13 is frequent, then I will take a chance these combo.Is all about reducing the digits and focusing your target.

Clusters: I used the word to refer to situation where you have Back to Back to Back doubles when backtesting,eg 112,233,799

corresponding to keys 380,180,021, wait for one key to be drawn before waging,is about minimizing digits to maximize your chance.

CAN"T wait for KEYS /RUN OUT of KEYS:Take three recent draws,eg. 236,255,458,  from pattern table 236 corr to 091835,

with the next draws 255 and 458, the pattern for 236 reduces to 091 which will be your key, do it for 255 and 458 and used the next draws to reduce the keys till u get 3-KEY combo.

Below is a  Summary of generated patterns for  your Lottery game,follow the instrustions,study your state trends and evolve your system.

The instructions helps you to pick 3keys and 4 keys for picks 3 and 4 and the percentile is between 60-70 for most state.


  1.  Members of pool ( 0 to 9 digits)
  2. Pick 3 patterns corresponding to each digit
  3. Pick 4 patterns corresponding to each digit
Using the Table:From your Pick 3 game,look out for only Double drawn results from oldest to recent, e.g ,let say the digits 129, 225,102 were drawn, you'll work on 225 because it contains doubles(valid for triples).

Looking up the table for pick 3 patterns,the doubles 22 correspond to the pattern 091,this is your key for the next 3-4 draws.

The key 091 combo 09,01,91 becomes 09x,01x,91x,,x depends on your bankroll or budget,but for most states x is usually the last drawn digits,so for this example ,the last draw 102 becomes our x,hence final combo becomes 091,090,092,011,010,012,911,910,912.

x can be lower digits 0,1,2,3, media 4,5,6 or higher 7,8,9. whatever trend u choose stick to it!

To study the trend of this system, take the last 10 recent draws of your state, choose all double drawn digits,backtest it and see your time frame.

For pick 4,the concept is the same,you look up for Doubles/Triples ,make a combo 123x,124x,134x,234x add your trend as explained for pick 3.

The good thing about this system is you know when is time to wage,remember to cancel combo key if drawn,e.g if my combo key is 138 and the number 383 ,180 is drawn the key is no more valid,look up for the next key. Good luck,comments welcome,God is always good.