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My house smells JUST LIKE my grandmother's home!! Shares a bday with key person in todays dream!

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Posted: February 19, 2012, 12:19 pm - IP Logged

Thought I'd mention also. I ran to the gas station this morning. When, I got back, I walked in my house and it smelled just like my grandmother and great grandmother's house used to smell. More like my grandmother's though. Had I been blind folded, I would have had not doubt I was in her old house.

She is deceased. Her name is Alice - her bday is 7/11/1934.

Her birthday is the same as my ex step-father I dreamt about this morning. 7/11 - not sure what year he was born. His name is Daniel.

Blessings LP FAMILY

Quick Note: i have a horoscope app that is like no other. I swear it is on the mark 95% of the time. Today's talks about spirtual assistance and I know my grandmother is one of my spirit guides. I've been trying to talk to her more lately.

Today's Aquarius Horoscope was :

Generation after generation, several Native American Indian tribes hold a ceremony known as a rain dance to ask their gods or great spirit to bring rain. Does it work? It works for those who believe in it. That's because those who dance the dance are actively invoking a higher power to bring something that is desperately needed. They are taking part in guiding their future. They are thinking positively and believing that they will get what they need. That's what you need to do now, Aquarius. Let go of the logic and turn to the spirtual realm to ask for what you need.