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"Historic" Building Moves - Dollar General Takes over

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Posted: February 29, 2012, 12:19 pm - IP Logged

NOt sure why, but something about this is calling me today.

The Southwest News Herald was my first "job" lol. I applied there as a paper girl back in 1993. My older brother held is first job as a paper boy there as well. I believe his year was 1990. At any rate, this is just grabbing me today. They have moved after all this years and they have just put up signage that they are converting the building to a Dollar General.

Brother's bday - 731

Mine - 130

A Good Friend of mine also worked there - 057

News-Herald To Move To New Location
• Friday, November 18, 2011
The Southwest News-Herald newspaper, which is part of the Vondrak Publishing Co. chain that has been located at 6225 S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, since 1974, will be moving to a new location in the city’s Clearing neighborhood.

The News-Herald office will now be located at 5639 W. 63rd St., Chicago, just down the street from the western edge of Midway Airport. The company is in the process of making the move, which should be completed by Monday, Nov. 28.

James Vondrak, one of the current co-publishers of the city and suburban editions of the News-Herald and Clear-Ridge Reporter, said the move was made in an effort to be accessible to more of its readers.

“The city edition of the News-Herald covers as far west as Harlem Avenue, as far north as 47th Street, east to Western Avenue and 87th Street south,” said Vondrak.

Bob Gusanders, co-publisher and general manager, felt that the move brings the current News-Herald closer to its overall readers.

“We felt it was necessary to be more centrally located for our readers in not only the city, but our suburban edition as well,” said Gusanders.

Vondrak said that the current location is larger than currently necessary. The Clearing office has two floors, and the space for all departments will be used more efficiently, he added.

While the move is the first for the News-Herald in 37 years, readers will notice little difference in coverage of the city and suburban editions of the News-Herald.

The office phone number, (773) 476-4800, will remain the same. The office fax number, (773) 476-7811, also will not change.

The e-mail address for sending press releases to the Editorial Department will remain as before: vonpub@aol.com.

Even the book exchange that dates back to the Vietnam War will continue for visitors to the new office.

The News-Herald office will be 5639 W. 63rd St., Chicago, IL 60638.

The city edition of the Southwest News-Herald was first printed on Oct. 10, 1946.

The newspaper was created under the guidance of the late pioneer publishers Ed and Daisy Vondrak, whose son is James.

The paper was due to the consolidation of the Gage Park Herald, which the Vondraks purchased previously, and the Southwest News.

However, its history actually dates back to 1924 when a paper was created with the flippant banner of Ain’t We Got Fun. The tongue-in-cheek name was given because its creators thought they would never put out another edition. The paper was created over what was deemed a controversial issue at the time: Should vehicular traffic be allowed through Marquette Park?

The news deadline for press releases for the city and suburban News-Heralds will remain at noon Monday, with the exception of holiday weeks.

Both the city and suburban News-Heralds will continue to have Friday datelines.

The suburban News-Herald, which was previously called the Southwest Courier, dates back to 1986. Oak Lawn was included in that coverage in 1998.

The current suburban edition of the News-Herald/em> covers Bridgeview, Burbank and Oak Lawn.  — City & Suburban News-Herald

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    Posted: February 29, 2012, 12:25 pm - IP Logged

    LOL. My younger brother just called to inform me that he too held a job there - for two whole days lol. Perhaps that's why i do not recall him working there.

    At any rate, his bday is 214.

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      Posted: February 29, 2012, 12:33 pm - IP Logged

      Wow LOL there should be some winners here!

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