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Posted: March 3, 2012, 1:57 am - IP Logged

I ran that list to try and help everyone out...I guess mainly for those that are not that good at finding something to play..and I am not trying to knock on anyones abilities here..as PROF. SNAPE SAYS.." ARE YOU UNABLE TO RESTRAIN YOURSELF OR DO YOU TAKE PRIDE IN BEING AN INSUFFERABLE KNOWITALL "..Well I dont know it all but I do know alot..

I have made these runs HUNDREDS OF TIMES if not THOUSANDS...even before I joined LP..when Louisiana was my research field...This run would always work...that BASE NUMBER WOULD ALWAYS SHOW..EVERY SINGLE TIME...LIKE I SAID...IT HAS NEVER MISSED...NOT EVEN ONCE...

The one thing that would always get me was all those years  studying Louisiana...would be that BASE NUMBER would show..the next day sometimes...next time..3 or 4 days away...sometimes a week and half...sometimes 2 weeks...sometimes a month or a little later...but it always showed...and I would pull my hair out because I could not find a solution to that run bouncing around so much..until I joined LP..and found out that all the lotteries or pretesting and post testing their games...and that ladies and gentlemen  HAS ONE SPECIFIC PURPOSE..to mix up numbers...patterns...sequences..basically to hide what they can for as long as they can...if I had to bet my disability check...I would bet we probably lost 2-4 more states past 2 days to pretesting alone..I WILL STICK WITH THEM CHEATING UNTIL I FIND SOMETHING BETTER..HAHAHA

anyway..I hope they will help all of you out some...kind look at your states row...if it has been running some of those combos thats a pretty good sign...for example...michigan got 059 this evening...but it also 2 other combos from that same row that showed past couple of weeks..

NOW as you are all know I tend to guess a little on some of my runs mainly from exoerience..some of the state rows has DOUBLES..some do not...I really look for one of the states that has a double to be last..but that is a guess...I never would have guessed that 0468 from that straight pic 4 CHRISTMAS LIST would have been last ..but it was...Illinois got it in January

"Attention all Mathematicians: Check your degree at the door because when it comes to whole numbers you are the Amateur"