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Pick 4 combos for CA,CT,DE,KY

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 5 years ago by adobea78.

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September 8, 2011
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Posted: March 10, 2012, 10:02 pm - IP Logged


Two things about your what deduced for Jan to early Feb (EVE) above:

1) The selection of X is more uncertainty than KEYS. So such as 2408 , 5493, 6721, ... we can not get them in fact.

2) You can find that you can not hold two more KEYS and more than 10 drawings in the same time since it's very uneconomic if you compare your winnings and wagers. So such as

1685 ,5493  ,66830241 ,4619 ,6721,... we can not get them in fact too.

In other words, your method does'nt have Good Maneuverability.

Thanks for your sincere reply and detail explanation again.

Best regards,


1685 ,5493  ,6683 ,  0241 ,4619 ,6721,  these are hits guessing x correct, am I suppose to play all keys? No, but it tells me to  stick to method of choosing x. Now for a wager with limited bankroll ,would'nt start with  two keys at time,but he/she is aware  the keys are coming, I rather wait or find repetive keys and play with my average frequency trend. lets refer to the workout I did for NY in previous reply,the date was 3/3/12(DAY, 7397 was the draw with 2496 as the key,and x 739) and the result was  6479(E) today after +7. I could  miss it, because my oldest key was 3802 of 3/2/12,but  it does not discard its outcome.

There  are lot of elasticity and I call it  "Reduce key,pick and wait", I can't make all these  1685 ,5493  ,6683 ,  0241 ,4619 ,6721 hits,I need just  one good hit, and with the key and x factored in ,the stats are optimal.


    United States
    Member #116344
    September 8, 2011
    3941 Posts
    Posted: March 12, 2012, 1:45 pm - IP Logged

    No,'The Keys  and its combos are fixed and does not change, only the draws change. A draw of  211, 411, 181,011 have only key ,i.e. 380 ,the only variation is x,which u have to fiqure out.since you are located in NYC,let' work on the last 10 draws of 

    P4.the first part is in response to question asked on the topic 'very handy for quick...'.

    Lets work on above P4 data from dates   3/1 to 3/6 of 2012:

    1.look up for doubles/triples/quart from oldest to current draw;

    1651 of  3/2/12 is oldest

    7397  of  3/3/12 is the sequent

    2373     of  3/4/12(M)

    2909  of     3/4/12 (E)

    8783 of   3/5/12

    9079  of 3/6/12

    In the last ten  draws you are going to have 6 keys, working from the oldest draw 1651,your double  11 gives key 3802(fixed from the table posted).

    date                     draw               key                   combo                                      frequency

    3/2/12             1651                   3802               380x,382x,302x,802x

    3/3/12             7397                   2496               249x,246x296x,496x

    3/3/12(E)         0719                   no key

    3/4/12             2373                   1805                 180x,185x,105x,805x

    3/4/12 (E)       2909                    0214*                 021, 024,014,214(x)

    3/5/12             8783                  1305                   130,135,105,305(x)

    3/5/12 (E)         4536                 no key 

    3/6/12               9079                 0214*                  021,024,014,214(x)


    data explained:note that keys are fixed by looking at dates 3/4/12(E) and 3/6/12,the draw digits may change, but doubles 99 is still double 99.

    The data is very interesting, you have to wait for some of the keys to come out to narrow your focus, since priority is giving to the oldest key, you  start with 3802.

    Finding X:This optional, normally my x is my draw generator 1651, my final combo for nxt  draws is  3801,3806,3805,3821


    * when a key is repetitive be minful.

    I normally keep EVE/MID separate to avoid distraction or work only on eve ,but using picks for day also. Good Luck




    For all New Yorkers, your keys 2496 and 1305 came out in +7  draws with x checked,watch out for remaining keys 3802 and 0214.

    2497,2493,2499,2467,2463,2469,2967,2963,2969,4967,4963,4969(Key 2496 with x=739)dated 3/3/12.

    1308,1307,1303,1358,1357,1353,1058,1057,1053,3058,3057,3053(key 1305 with x=873) dated 3/5/12

    You don't have to play all your workout keys, you have to reduce your keys and start betting.Once again 3802 and 0214 is getting closer