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NEW GAME IN FLORIDA $20 "3,000,000 Jubilee"

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Posted: March 29, 2012, 1:37 am - IP Logged

Sorry - Here it is 

Oh my..ok..well I stepped out and bought a roll on wednesday March 28, 2012 of GRT Gold Rush Triplers from a Sunoco in Ocoee, Florida just west of Orlando in Orange County florida...I paid $600 for the roll and I only won $240..yep so thats a -$360 loss for me..the winners below..James1 or someone did I buy the worst roll in the history of Florida scratch off tickets..I didnt even hit a $100 on ticket..I have bought GRTs in various spots before and have at least hit $100 on a ticket...I feel so used...or just a stupid..if I wouldve broke even I believe I would be amped to go out and buy more rolls but this was my first and most definitely last roll of tickets I will ever buy...  ...well i think that should cover it..well wishes to all...btw this roll was 30 tickets at $20 each...ouch...Peace










I know this is the Jubilee thread..please no1 cut my head off..I think Im looking in all the threads for a little pity or encouragement...lol..so are the Jubilee rolls $600 or $1200..due to some $20 rolls having 30 or 60..thanks for listening No Pity!...and replying..Peace

Pay less, win more & world peaceSee Ya!

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