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Let me show you my shock face !!

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Posted: March 13, 2012, 10:43 am - IP Logged

I will have on my poker face when I win...jumping up and down on the inside, but looking all calm, cool and collected on the outside.

I need a jackpot win to pay for the gas here in Chicago...will definitely be hitting 5 bucks just before May and maybe might be knocking on 6 dollar door Memorial day weekend.  When that happens, I want to see just how many "Re-elect Obama" or "Obama 2012" signs and bumper stickers around the Windy City!  I think a great idea would be to get small facsimiles of say a BP, Shell or Chevron gas station price sign showing price of Regular Unleaded, Plus, and Premium/Supreme that can be quickly pasted over that O symbol his campaign uses.  It wouldn't be defacing the person's property since they already placed a sticker on the bumper in the first place and that sticker would be on top of that sticker...so technically not on the car itself.

Obama will be chilling at NCAA playin game...if I were attending, I would hold up a sign saying, "Lower gas prices...GOP 2012"

Yep, his Energy Secretary (who doesn't even own a car), admitted that their plan is to get gas up to European levels (7 -8 bucks a gallon).

There's gonna be a lot of "shock faces" among his supporters when gas hits those levels.

But I'll have my "I told you so face" on.







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