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Use this system to it on the pick 4

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Posted: March 9, 2012, 10:03 am - IP Logged

Look for all boubles and triples to find a great pick 44444444444444444444 hittttttttttttttttttttt

S.A.S. using the Lottery Bible

Hello everyone I had a request on how to use the lottery bible recently, so I am here to day to discuss that method. I will start with the Georgia Hit that fell on yesterday Sunday for the eve. If any of you have the lottery bible you may use it differently but here is my way.

Hit 705

 705- 828  064  262  408  Fair

 750- 378  514  712  958  Good

 057- 293  439  859  095  Good

*075- 457  693  902  148  Good

*507- 248  484  804  040  Fair

*570- 952  198  407  643  Good


The * means there will be a two digit return for this number . Look in each row that has Good and find the two digits number that will return from previous number. Also look for the doubles in these combination of numbers. As you see its 828-262-484-040 So your hit may come from these doubles.(8240) doubles (I Would also play all four numbers for Pick 4 as well. But still look in the Good rows for the 2digit return numbers and the ones I see and like is 457 952 407 .So good luck if you have any question and concern send me a pm or make a comment I will be more than glad to help. I will be posting a video on YouTube as well for the visual players. And again Good Luck