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New Dream

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Posted: March 11, 2012, 10:54 pm - IP Logged

I fell back asleep this morning. During my catnap, I had a dream I :

1. woke up in an unfamiliar place.

2. I began walking home. I was walking down 63rd St. I remember turning down Homan st and stopping in front of my First Loves OLD House. I kept looking at the house saying I have to take a picture of this.

Name: Patrick DOB 7/20/79

Address: 3357-59 w 63rd (apt building)

started walking again and suddenly felt lost.

3. Dream Jumps - I'm at some kind of crisis center. I was crying (222) and asking for directions. The girl was using her phone to get me directions and she asked me for the zip code of where we were. I said I don't know.... should you know that, you work here. I looked out the window and saw the street sign was 117 th.  An Old co-worker of mine...she still works with my husband...showed up at the crisis center. She asked me what I was doing there and I just kept crying. She said it was ok because she had been going there for quite sometime to relieve her stress and vent.

Her name: Theresa Birthday 11/28

4.   Dream Jumps I am in a work meeting. I see people there, a man next to me but I don't konw who it was. It may have been a man by the name of Jerry. I was eating at the meeting table..and half way thru the man next to me took my food. He seemed irritated that I was eating. We left that location and went to a restaurant to have another meeting. This time there were lots of tables and chair and everyone in the meeting seemed to be scattered. I started dancing (maybe even flipped I think) and I noticed the magager was looking at me and was not happy. I went and sat a table with someone..said not this table isn't right...and moved to another table.

5. I go to the powder room myself and I bump into an old friend of mine.  I ask if she remembers the last name of Nicole that went to College with us (funny thing is I didn't go to College with her...but we were good friends in High School).

Friends Name: Dana Birthday: 4/12

Nicole's Last Name: Semper

I woke up and Looked right at the clock (it was a bit strage of a feeling)...IT was 11:17 !

I will most definitely look up some numbers for this shortly.


Numbers by AGF310

walking   125   983   123   395   554   986   837   0308   5433

photo   925   863   800

picture  222   702   941   832   208   8243

restaurant   569   629   769   801   918   4207

table   411   845   710   184   838   1675

dancing   603   176   373   793   8513

flip   304   395

Nicole  114   001   769    951   242   8104

chair   411   703   679

eating   881   622   071   640   072   008   269   5389   5432

friend   654   646   101   531   8507