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What Key Words Catch Your Attention To Read A Thread?

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 6 years ago by pumpi76.

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Are these some of the words that make you "click on"?

Winning [ 7 ]  [28.00%]
Easy [ 0 ]  [0.00%]
Money [ 2 ]  [8.00%]
System [ 14 ]  [56.00%]
Hot Numbers [ 2 ]  [8.00%]
Total Valid Votes [ 25 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 10 ]  
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May 31, 2006
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Posted: March 17, 2012, 10:18 am - IP Logged

Wow...thanks everyone for the great responses! I'm enjoying every one. Thumbs Up Good turnout here.

And very interesting that "system" is our top word so far. I forgot the word "cracked or cracking"...(good one RL Random)

"Code" is another one I left out. That always seems to imply mystery  which I don't feel is appropriate to lottery games.

Keep 'em coming! Thanks again :) 

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    February 20, 2006
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    Posted: March 17, 2012, 8:41 pm - IP Logged

    I look for the word "pattern".  I am always in need of a good pattern. 


     Words that I skip over are "system", "+1+2-1" or (my all time favorite) "take the last three draws......".  I  fight the urge to tell that poster where he/she can shove those "take the last three draws......."


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      February 19, 2006
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      Posted: March 18, 2012, 12:00 am - IP Logged

      I always look for this word: lottolaughs.  If I can't see that "carcass" is my next word.

      Problem is , I rarely see the 2nd one!


      Isabel, you are going to feel very silly when this turns out to be make-believe.


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        August 29, 2005
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        Posted: March 19, 2012, 3:47 pm - IP Logged

        there are several things that catch my attention 2 of them are:

        1. if there is any math equation or supernatural forces in a system...i look a lot at the math forum..

        2. any story or system from another country besides the USA...

        3. another one is stories from lottery winners but not just any story, most stories about lottery winners i dont find them interesting...

        but there are several things that catch my attention, those were just 3...

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