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wheeling books,,and pick 3 software..

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Posted: March 30, 2012, 10:25 am - IP Logged

i used to have 2 huge wheeling books,,,these books had many many wheeling systems,

wish i still had those books..gave em away many years ago..would probably be a good time to use 1 of those wheeling systems for mega millions... :(

but i have  since then ..learned how to wheel numbers own my own....

as some of you may know i concentrate mainly on pick 3 these days.....

ive made many paper systems....some were pretty accurate too..but as always seems to be too many numbers to play.....thought it would be very cool too..get a programer,,,to make a program around my pick 3 systems...then i actually eventually got into game programming as a hobby..then it dawned on me .i could probably do it myself now..... so i did ive made several wheeling software programs...and they are pretty accurate,,,ive tested them but you have to pick the numbers right just like all wheeling systems.. ive got 1 pick 3 software i made that wheels 8 numbers together,,,believe me it was alot of work..to write that program.......independent software that wheels 4 numbers.5numbers 6numbers7numbersand 8 numbers.....thought bout selling them at 1 time but didnt gave a couple of copies 2 some friends...i keep it for my own amusement tho...anyone see a market for these pieces of software?