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Todd - Read BEFORE checking MegaMillions tk

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Posted: March 31, 2012, 1:03 am - IP Logged

So, I finally gave in recently and became a paid member.  Why I waited so long to take the jump?  Namely, I allowed my intuition to guide me.  For example, what better lottery website is out there as of 2012?  As far as I am concerned, there used to be many, many great software and sites to explore ‘back in the day’, but now not much left to be desired.  So this is when my rationale kicked in and I had to admit a few things.  Such as, LP first and foremost in and of itself, to me, definitively is a ‘good read’.  Not a big deal?  Well, upon continually and repeatedly losing in the lottery (learning curve) up to twice a day at times, it matters after a while and not to mention the unspoken camaraderie in the forums that one can’t help but notice. The ‘been there done that’ that fosters trust in partaking and/or sharing of lottery systems. 

But, for the sake of continuity, what I CAN do without is all the annoying ‘Ads’.  I haven’t found a way to turn them off yet.  You know the one’s that resemble a Peripheral Vision exam that appear only on pages where the latest quibble is in full swing regarding who gypped who out of a grand lottery formula (you know who you are). This along with the site crashing horribly at the most impromptu times of the day... after a while, can take a measurable toll on a daily workout.  All in all though, admittedly having lurked in the forums for years now, I can’t help but conclude that if there IS a person in these forums that can honestly say that you (Todd) don't grow on a person after a while…well, this soul really does not belong in here in the first place.

That said…Todd can I have your autograph? Type