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Playing pick 4 for added income

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September 8, 2011
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Posted: April 11, 2012, 8:52 pm - IP Logged

Folks ,lets be frank and sincere,we all play this game to earn money,not for entertaiment sake! Passion for numbers and the rush of adrelanin  in anticipation of draws  overwhelms when you keep loosing.It's been a little over year since I joined the LP community,and I love it.This is the best lottery site ,the members are  knowledgeable to the abstract borderline,fun and should say kind and helpful.To the creator/s of this website,especially Mr Todd, you've done awesome job.

I have posted a few posts and should say a system for pick 3/4 and few of my predictions for my state VA and DC is optimal, I am into something which I want LP members to try  without beting ,and if it works for your State then I will explain the most effective way to My system(Summary of Patterns,thread lotterypost.com/topic/242609 ). 

The idea is to get the last 5 combined draws of pick 4(today draws included), and I will give u  a winning combinations for few draws and I will explain why it should be play that way, You don't have to wage anything,I want you to observe what happens. I will take the few states on request,we need to have fun ,but we need money also !