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Merc and Pluto Mixing it Up - Hold that Tongue

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Posted: April 24, 2012, 5:04 pm - IP Logged

 No matter what side of the tracks you fall on astrologically, Merc & Pluto squaring this week (Weds) is going to influence a lot of voices.  To top the cake, a Gemini Moon will sit strategically in the mix.  Oh my.  I strive for positive messages but the truth must not be sacrificed or watered down in the process. There is a great potential for verbal chaos to spew forth from just about everyone and, most particularly, those who have strong Mercury placement in their chart.  Sun-sign-wise, this would start with Gemini, then Air Signs, followed by Water, Fire and Earth, in descending rank of potential to say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time.  What's worse - the words will be out and done before your heart and head catch up.  Once spoken, you cannot get it back, so if you must, make it count.

You might not only say the wrong thing but the wrong way, tone, inflection, leading to insinuation, inference and an outright accusational bolt that could land you in hot water.  Or,  you may be on the receiving end.  You can change this outcome but you have to start now.

Those who are naturally hot-headed, irrational, unreasonable, or who simply love to argue will be at every turn (literally and figuratively) and very much looking to pick a fight.   Simply put, words crossed and lives intertwined and great harm may be wrought.

The type of things that happen when these two get sideways are those situations where afterward those still standing wish for just one chance to go back and have a do-over and would give just about anything for the chance.

Expect everything from outright declarations of war to a total change in character in someone you thought you knew.  Do not engage in road-rage behaviors (or what might be mistaken for this), and don't call anyone out unless you are prepared for a fight.  In other words, if you plan on stepping into someone, be prepared to have them step back into you!

Pluto is associated with 22, and Mercury with 5's, although 333 is also in the Twin mix.  9's might be in Pluto's corner, look for hard lines, maybe double doubles to return but the falls will come quick and then be gone, just as this difficult meeting between Merc and Pluto will.

We only have to get through a couple days, perhaps all this energy gone by Friday, hopefully.   There is a silver lining in that some will have extraordinary conversations, life-changing discussions or perhaps announcements which will turn things upside down in a good way.   The Messenger will come toe-to-toe with the hardline Pluto and things that really need to be said will be. 

I have a feeling some have had a little taste of this brewing already this week, just out of kilter a little disposition-wise.    I hope this this insight allows you to just glide right through these potentially difficult days without even a glancing blow. That is my wish for you, along with a winning number, of course!   JType

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    Posted: April 24, 2012, 6:05 pm - IP Logged

    absolutely love your posts Jake-hours just got cut at work,and I'm getting uprooted, no job lined up yet, but should be more opportunity where I'm going, also been biting my tongue, because very tempted to tell current employer to kiss my a....., oh well nice to know where all this energy is coming from...

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      Posted: April 24, 2012, 9:04 pm - IP Logged

      thanks jake for the info

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