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Getting numbers to fall faster? and how to know which states they are meant for?

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Posted: May 12, 2012, 3:38 am - IP Logged

hey guys, I just had a quick question for those of you more in touch with your spiritual side......Very Very often I get numbers to hit, however they take months to hit sometimes...also I never know which states my picks are meant for or for me....for example I felt 906 very strongly today, along with 2313 and a couple of others-most days I would have went ahead and played them thinking they were for me, but was running late today and didn't get a chance to play-which is good today, because they fell in states other than where I live....just curious for those of you who predict multi states, what clues, etc do you focus on to know which state a number is for (Without doing all the calculations etc) and is there anyway to get my numbers to come more quickly?