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Just a thought about dream numbers

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Posted: June 17, 2012, 7:03 am - IP Logged

I found over the years that if you read the dream numbers analysis frequently here at Lottery Post then you become familiar with what number goes with which object in your dream.  Now we have a cause and effect.  Let's say you have a number in your head that you've been playing (697.)  Then you stopped playing it.  Now you have a dream about let's say a dead person.  The number for dead person according to most mystical posts is the 697. 


So now you play the 697 again and win.  Could it be that the power of suggestion is taking place here.  Because we all know that dreams about the dead bring 697.  Some numbers that the 697 follow are 708, 819, 538, 664 and a few more.  So if your state had a couple of those numbers and you dreamed about someone dead then you will play the 697. 


THE THOUGHT:  Is it possible that dreams are brought on by the power of suggestions from the mystical forum posts when it comes to numbers?