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Crossing the Toxic Dam

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Posted: July 14, 2012, 10:17 am - IP Logged

I dreamed a teacher and I were traveling and she started across a TVA Dam that was marked toxic.  We saw two men hanging one man.  Three men stopped and questioned us.

I told him we were teachers and that I had a daughter at school practicing cheerleading.  He didn't believe me and said, "I suppose you are going to tell me she is 15?"  I told him she would be in August.

To prove we were telling the truth, I had him to call the school and talk with principal.

While we were waiting on phone call, three women came out and started to exam the other teacher and draw blood.

Other things in dream:

I was late for English Class.

I was the student.

Debbie was the teacher.

I was looking for a chocolate brownie.

I was using the bathroom.

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