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Euromillions 5/50 decades missing method

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February 22, 2012
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Posted: August 10, 2012, 1:37 pm - IP Logged

Hi there


Based on Scott Rudy strategy he suggests find the decade(s) that skips the most and play those numbers by setting a trap and playing them every week until the numbers fall into the trap.
For the game I play, Euromillions it involves choosing 5 from 50 balls:
When number groups (1-10) and (41-50) both skip a draw simultaneously. I noticed that pattern 101201 occurred three times in the entire history of the game. Game has 509 draws. Both groups skipped at the same time on twenty–one occasions in 509 draws.
Winning Combinations: The six digits signify a number(s) hitting from six groups : 
200111 X 1
101012 X 1
211001 X 1
110201 X 1
101201 X 3
021002 X 1
010211 X 1
101021 X 1
201201 X 1
120101 X 1
120110 X 1
100121 X 1
121010 X 2
110111 X 1
201110 X 1
110210 X 1
021101 X 1
201101 X 1
My question, since this pattern 101201 occurred three times or 10% of the time is it worth pursuing that pattern only.
I know we normally follow what happens most of the time which would lead me to going with the any random combination which happens 90% of the time.
90% of the time this combination does not occur.90% the combinations are different / difficult to track, do not occur often enough.
Do you have any suggestions as to the best way to gain as much coverage in the trap design and play those numbers week in week out until the two decades skip again?
You thoughs and suggestions would reaaly help.