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Fellow rookie looking for a Pick-3 tip

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 6 years ago by onlymoney.

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June 2, 2012
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Posted: August 26, 2012, 1:06 am - IP Logged

I have not had any dreams like that lately but I have had them and know what your talking about. I think its the subcons mind working with us because we are focused on the task at hand that is a good sign.

I hope they continue for you and bring you to a bunch of winners. I have hit off of dreams many times and many times as you have been just a digit off. Normally when that happens I crack it straight though so I cant wait to hear you hit it STR!

 "so I cant wait to hear you hit it STR!"


I saw a number once and it came out in florida the next day. This was a few years back. I didn't play it. Bang Head

I'm surprised my nickname hasn't evolved to "One-off" Pete or One off Tony ha ha

Remember Johnnie or whatever his name was, "two time"  in the movie "Wise Guys"? He always repeated a word, like   "I'm going to get some some cigarettes". OR I have enough enough money   ha ha ha