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Dream Work-Out For The P4 Games

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Posted: September 23, 2012, 6:35 pm - IP Logged

hey nowplaya's i found this online lookin' 4 somethin' else, don't know how good it works, maybe/maybe not.  below this line is a complete copy/paste job.  now the first thing i noticed was the digit 0 wasn't there, but when i broke down my personal dream the digit 0 was present in my set to play.


  • Keep in mind that timing is important when you play your dream numbers. Dreams numbers are calculated based upon one or two-word themes; a one-word them is best. An example follows the dream number formula.


    The alphabet corresponds to the numbers one (1) through nine (9) as follows:

    1 = A, J, S                           2 = B, K, T                        3 = C, L, U

    4 = D, M V                           5 = E, N W                        6 = F, O, X

    7 = G, P, Y                           8 = H, Q, Z                       9 = I, R 

    For instance, if your dream is about a lake full of fish, calculate the number for "lake":

    L-A-K-E = 3+1+2+5 = 11. This give your first 2 digits. Now add them together as follows:

    1+1=2. Here are your first 3 digits. 1-1-2. If you play Pick 3, you can use this number.

    Add these 3 digits as follows:
    1+1+2=4 = 1124. This is the Pick 4 number you should focus on.

    Next, calculate the number for "fish":

    F-I-S-H = 6+9+1+8=24. This give your first 2 digits.

    Now add them together as follows:

    2+4=6 =246. Here are your first 3 digits.

    Then add all 3 digits as follows.
    2+4+6=12 and 1+2=3.

    List all 4 digits and the following is your Pick 4 dream number: 2-4-6-3.

    You can play these two numbers separately or add the two entries as follows:

    LAKE=1124 and FISH=2463. Thus, 1124+ 2463=3587.

    Use different combinations, like playing the number backwards, in an effort to hit straight.

    Dream numbers hit in the strangest fashion. Sometimes they hit the same or next day. At other times, they hit within 2 or 3 months; these are usually straight hits. It is a good idea to track your dream numbers and get a feel for how they fall in order to give you a better idea of the timing in which you will want to play them in the Pick 3 and 4 games.

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