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New Substitute Lottery System - Scorecard

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Posted: November 8, 2012, 4:47 pm - IP Logged

New Substitute Lottery System


Although we may not like to keep a step-by-step  record of our wins and losses, such a log has several important advantages.

The main advantage is that 'tracking records' provide a consolidated and overall view of where
certain lottery data has been.

In other words, while  inventory totals are good guides they don't provide any background
information. For example, while it might be nice to know that Full Gap Number '3A' has 'come up
10 times during a certain period, there is no information about the tally itself.

Questions like - how many draws did it take to achieve the overall total? How about spacing.
'Was there a 'hot streak? etc

The scorecard answers those type questions, and provides an opportunity for a player to
keep track of his/her choices over a period of time.

I've learned that if I'm not careful, I can get stuck and repeat choices when the data suggests
I try something else.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is the Scorecard I've compiled for Texas 5/37, Decade 'C'   (last 8 drawings)
Base Foundation
Date      L#          G#      GAS    G#S   T    FG#
1030     21 29     9  1      CA    1010  2    9C 1A
1031     23              7      C       0010  1    7C
1101     20              4      B       0100  1    4B
1102     20 21      4  9     BC     0110  2    4B 9C
1103     28               2      A       1000  1   2A
1105     26               8      C       0010  1   8C
1106     21 23        9  7      C C    0020  2   9C 7C
1107     25                 5      B        0100  1  5B


   D 30 31  01  02    03        05  06  07
1A    *                                         
2A                           *                   
4B               *   *
5B                                               *
7C        *                                 *
8C                                     *
9C    *              *                     *

Will line up when copied on graph paper.

Analysis shows that GAS 7C, 8C and 9C have come up more often, while 3A, 6B and 0R are

A clearer picture is possible when 25+ drawings are available for analysis on one graph sheet.

How Am I doing??

I can't show my choices here (don't know how to show two pieces of data in same cell), but
the actual tracking logs indicates that, overall,  I'm not doing too well.

I've accumulated more misses than hits.

The 'actual' data is in Black, my choices are signified with a RED dot.
The goal is to have a lot of Black and Red in same cells.

If you haven't noticed, this is my first use of a Base Foundation for a lottery game other than
Pick  3 and Pick 4.

A major difference is that entries in the  GAS column vary according to the number of lottery
digits, rather than a fixed number of digits in a numbers game.

A separate column is used to indicate the overall total for each  G#S. For example,
0110  2  indicates that G#S contains total of  two numbers; 0310 4 indicates the
G#S has total of 4 numbers.

Both the GAS and G#S can be tracked separately using other logs.

If you have questions, don't hesitate.


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    Posted: November 8, 2012, 9:41 pm - IP Logged

    I think you are going to have some hits with this.  It would nice to have this in a program so we could backtest in our states.