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New Substitute Lottery System - Conclusion

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Posted: November 9, 2012, 12:19 pm - IP Logged

New Substitute Lottery System


I sincerely hope my views on how to win the lottery with a substitute system are helping folks
play smarter.

While there have been hundreds of views and a handful of replies, I have no way of knowing
if anyone has actually adopted the workout.

I'm confident the workout provides useful clues and trends. My win-loss ratio is definitely
improving as the data strings become longer.

A $2700 win in Texas Daily 4 was my first based entirely on my interpretation of the data, particularly the 'followers' and an associated 'gap string' using the 'active-inactive cells/add one/strike one' logging technique.

I've had two $40 wins in Texas Pick3 thus far. There are many possible choices with
this game and it seems I'm always on the wrong page, a condition I hope to change in
the immediate future.

I'm using the workout for all of the Texas games and both jackpot games.
A problem with the latter is that the data streams are short. It takes time to
gather enough data to make rational decisions.

I actually have more tracking charts than I've described.
One has to have a pretty good grasp of the charts already presented before they can adopt any new ones.

Several members have indicated they could convert the paper-and-pencil workout to Excel.
However, if anyone has actually accomplished this they are keeping it to themselves.
Remember, this workout is NOT a prediction system per se. Trying to build predictive
Excel files may not be possible.

I want to apologize for my previous posts (GSFL330) based on a premise that
lottery tracking files need to be dynamic. This was a major and significant miscalculation
on my part.

However, converting to this workout is not difficult because of the similarity of the charts
and logging procedures.


For what it's worth:

1. Update the tracking charts after each drawing.
One of the worst things that can happen is to choose a 'follower' or 'gap number' that came up in the last drawing but was not logged.

2. Establish a small pool of players (4 members is a good number) who, using the Pick 3/4 tracking
charts presented here, would work together to seek useful and profitable answers to the
'what's next' question.

This group should meet once or twice per week, share ideas, agree on combinations to
play and divide the winnings.

3. Form a 'player participation jackpot pool' having six members. Each member would be
responsible for using this workout to choose 3 digits to play. The 18 digits would then
be put in a wheel to generate 30 combinations. Each player would be responsible for
buying 5 combinations, according to a plan.

4. Avoid irrational choices.

IMHO, choosing lottery numbers based on mathematical formulas, odds, percentages,
sums, VTRACs, high and low, etc, is irrational.

Winning lottery combinations are generated by methods that assure sufficient
randomness, and are not precisely predictable in advance of a drawing.

5. Keep playing, even when in a losing streak. Surprising how quickly losses can become

I won't be posting any further tracking charts. However, I will post any significant wins
that my intellect, intuition, common sense, 'gut feeling' and other human attributes can
achieve using the tracking charts that make up this workout.

Would appreciate some feedback.

Good luck!